Information for Schools

As teachers, you understand the importance of choosing the best educational materials for your students.

Here at moon and balloon, we believe that our ebooks are the right choice for your young learners.

Why? Here are just a few reasons.

All our ebooks are:

  • appropriate for young learners’ needs

Whatever the subject, our ebooks have been tailored to meet the requirements of leading syllabi around the world.

  • consistent with good educational practice

Our ebooks encourage children to become active learners, learning at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

  • engaging and motivating

Our beautiful ebooks are bright, appealing and enjoyable. When children enjoy the learning experience, they learn quickly and confidently.


All our language ebooks also feature:

  • native speaker audio

Whether the ebooks are used at home or in class, with supervision or without supervision, you can be certain that all language will be modeled with authentic pronunciation and intonation.


How to buy

Following the links on this website will take you to the iTunes Store where you will be able to download samples and make purchases.

All our ebooks are available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP).